Sunday , 21 September 2014
  • Fixing Muddy and Steep Road
  • Creating A Forest Storage Area – Part 3
  • Creating A Forest Storage Area – Part 2

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7 Samples of Pavement for Your Private Road


If you make your own road on your property, or have someone else make it for you, how do you choose the right pavement to use for your road, or should you care of having one at all? In this post I will give you 7 samples of pavement for your private road. Read More »

How To Fall Trees With An Excavator


When making a road on our property, I sometimes come in a situation where I have to fall one or more trees. In this video I am falling several dead Aspen trees. Read More »

Wife Using Excavator First Time Herself

Wife Using Excavator First Time By Herself

When I grew up, I used to play with play excavators in the sandbox. A few years back we purchased what we now call “Old Faithful” – a Komatsu PC120-5 excavator. I have been able to “play” with it, while making 3+ miles of road on our property. Now it looks like I am getting a competitor for the big ... Read More »