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The Joy is in the Journey

The Joy is in the Journey

When making the decision to go from living in the city to homesteading, there will be a complete change in all that you do. Not only will there be a complete mind-shift but tasks will always take a lot longer than you think that they will. Here are the top 7 strategies to make your homesteading experiences pleasant memories instead ... Read More »

My Favorite Kitchen Accessories


It is amazing, to me, how many wood shops are supplied with the best of tools and equipment but how many kitchens are left bare with only the minimum of necessities. It is time for each chef to be able to have the finest of gadgets, as well. Here are some of My Favorite Kitchen Accessories: Knives & Peelers The basic tools ... Read More »

My Favorite Cleaning Agents

Favorite Cleaning Agents

Over the years, I have found my favorite cleaning agents that are either a lot less toxic, less expensive and/or very effective for cleaning. I like to continue to try new things to save money and make cleaning a lot easier. Here are some of the ideas that I have found that may help you, too: Dishwashing Liquid/Detergent I don’t ... Read More »

Nutrient Dense Foods


When it comes to eating and gardening, I am a firm believer in Nutrient Dense Foods. Dr. Joel Furhman has developed the following list of foods and their nutrient density so that we can all make better choices in our diets. Sample Nutrient/Calorie Density Scores  Kale 1000 Lentils 100 Tofu 37 Collards 1000 Cantaloupe 100 Skim Milk 36 Bok Choy ... Read More »

Frugal Gardening Tips


Gardening, itself, is a frugal tip. Produce has skyrocketed in price over the past few years. The best way I have found to combat these price hikes is to raise your own food. Any way you can save money while gardening gives you even more money in your pocket for those things that you need in life. Here are some ... Read More »

Financing – Alternative Options: Conclusion


Part 5 of 5 in the series "Financing - Alternative Options". In conclusion, now you know how to make an asset a true asset. Keep it! This is how the rich get richer. The biggest mistake home-owners make is to sell their home when they want another one. If you sell your home and then buy a rental later, you ... Read More »

Financing – Alternative Options: Retirement Income


Part 4 of 5 in the series "Financing - Alternative Options". Over the years, your tenants will gladly pay off your rental home for you. When this happens, DON’T sell it. This is your retirement income! This is money that will make it so that you have money to live on when you are living your dream in your off-grid ... Read More »

Financing – Alternative Options: Rent Out Existing Home


Part 3 of 5 in the series "Financing - Alternative Options". I know…you have heard all of the horror stories of renters, when people try to rent out existing home . Horror stories are incurred by those who have no clue on what they are doing. I have been renting out my home that I lived in for 16 years ... Read More »

Financing – Alternative Options: Using Home As Collateral


Part 2 of 5 in the series "Financing - Alternative Options". In this post we will look at the option of using your existing home as collateral. You will want to do this only if you have a lot of equity because you have owned your home for a long time and did not refinance every 5 years. If you ... Read More »

Financing – Alternative Options: Introduction


Part 1 of 5 in the series "Financing - Alternative Options". Having been a loan officer for the past 14 years, and an honest one at that, I have learned a few things about financing  that most loan officers won’t tell you. Hmmm…maybe that is why I haven’t made as much money as I could have made as a loan ... Read More »