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TJ and Julie

Hi, we are TJ and Julie, the “Back to Nature Living” people. Our goal is to  help likeminded people to improve their skills by sharing our knowledge, wisdom and understanding. We are sharing experience and knowledge about homesteading, living off-grid, as well as sharing our stories happening in our life.

Why “Back to Nature Living”?

Well, since we both were young (living on totally different continents) we have always been drawn towards the nature, and the beauty our Creator has put there for us. I guess, if you earlier searched for the phrase “Back to Nature” on any search engine, you might find a lot of pictures of people with long hair, running naked around in the nature. But, naaah…that has nothing to do with what we are doing (although we cannot guarantee it behind the scenes 😉 ).

Together we are creating our dream homestead – living off the grid, with solar power, an outhouse, spring water, etc. We started out with “nothing” – just a mountain ahead of us. We have since created a three mile mountain road, developed a mountain spring, and a forest garden. We believe in permaculture, forest gardening, natural ways to grow our food, and natural ways of living.

How can we contribute?

Our Back to Nature Living experience has put us through a lot, while working on our property for about ten years (writing this in 2016). There have been a lot of mistakes along the way, but they say that the only way to become successful in anything, you have to be able to learn from your mistakes…and we have had a LOT to learn from.

We are both active people that like to “create”, and get things done. We are hard workers, and we study a lot to come up with the best solutions in any project we have ahead of us. Julie is a very knowledgeable person that loves to read anything that she can learn from. TJ is a practical person that often needs to think “out-of-the-box” to make things work. Together we are a great team, and we are best friends.

TJ’s motto: If someone else has done it, we can do it.

We feel we have a lot of knowledge in a lot of areas that has to do with gardening, homesteading, living off grid, construction, making roads, logging, or whatever it takes to live on your own land. We will do our best to share our knowledge with people like…you.

Warmest wishes for your future,
TJ and Julie

Distributing Clover in our New Forest Garden

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Some additional facts about us

  • We met on the Internet, on a dating website, living on totally different continents. We are one of the successful Internet marriages 🙂


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