Kombucha Going Wild – A Fizzy Story

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We really enjoyed the Kombuchas. They taste really good and are quite refreshing. My hubby always liked the Mango and I preferred the berry varieties, even though mine were quite fizzy…

Kombuchas do have an alcohol content to them, and depending on the state you live in, you can get ones that have quite a high alcohol content…we never got those ones since we are not into consuming alcohol since it is not good for your liver and other organs…Although these low alcohol varieties are quite tasty, we no longer drink them due to the fact that I recently learned that the Scobey mushroom, which is used to make Kombucha, contains Candida Albicans Yeast and this yeast is the cause of a myriad of diseases and illnesses.

I now make water kefir which is just as yummy and is a whole lot cheaper at 10 cents a quart versus the nearly $4 a bottle we were paying previously and it is really easy to make too! I will be making a video soon to show you how to make this amazing drink.


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