How To Propagate Willows from Cut Off Branches


Willows have many uses. It can i.e. be used as “fencing”, or just nice greenery that grows to look nice.

Willows are found many places, but one of the places they grow well are along mountain creeks.

In this video we will show how we cut off a few branches from different willows in the same area, and how we prepare them to be transplanted a different place.


About Julie

A loan officer of 15 years, a gardener of 40 years, raised on a 1200 acre ranch raising 300 head of sheep. Creative and intuitive, she envisions beauty and makes it a reality whether with sewing, cooking, knitting on her knitting machine, in her home or in the garden. She is blessed to live with her best friend as her husband and she has always felt as one with God, nature and with animals and would turn to the mountains for strength and now lives her life, totally content in the Rockies at 8700 elevation.


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