d-CON Pellets vs Tomcat Blocks – What works best

Mice are cute little things, but sometimes – unfortunately, the only way you can make them stay out of your home is to get rid of them. In this post/video we are taking a look at d-CON Pellets vs Tomcat Blocks to find out what works best.

We both think mice are cute…but sometimes they are just way too messy, and it most of the time seems like a lot more “stuff ” comes out the backside, compared to what goes in… In other words…are they just all full of crap…? Sorry, don’t need to be crass, but it sure feels like they are filthy little creatures.

Before we begin

We do not have any relations to any of the companies that make the two products, neither do we have anything against any of them. This is just totally based off of our own experience.

This post does not intend to be a deep analysis of the two product, but rather a summary of our findings.

Here is a video we made about the difference between the two products. You can watch it below, or you can read our summary findings below the video.

Mice and their want to “nest”

Although mice are not as bad as packrats, they still seem to be “nesters”. You can see this in the way pieces of papers, as well as pieces of clothes(!) are gathered in a cute little (but filthy) nest…often in in your underwear drawer, or somewhere you don’t at all want it to be….

One of the reasons we believe that the d-CON pellets does a better job is that the Tomcat Blocks is meant to be eaten “there and then”, but the the pellets are very easy to transport. We have found this by looking in some of our drawers…where there are just tons of pellets around the nest the mouse has built. What happens is that the pellets (as well as pieces of the blocks) will make the mouse very thirsty, and it will most likely try to get out of your “home” to get something to drink…and most likely die of thirst.

Unfortunately, this is a situation that just “has to be”… Being religious people, we don’t really believe in the “survival of the fittest” theory, but sometimes it is just how it is…

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