Living off grid – A Bear Ate Our Jeep

A part of living off grid in the mountains is the abundant wildlife around us. A few weeks ago we had to leave our Jeep in one of our switchbacks. It has been annoying having it there (causing a lot of extra backing in the switchback), and this morning I was planning on pulling it up to our homestead. But, when I came to it…I saw that a bear had eaten a chunk of our Jeep

This is what met me when I came to take a look at the Jeep:

Bear Eaten Jeep

Plastic pieces ripped off the vehicle, hoses and wires, on the ground, etc. No time to try to start the vehicle…

I just backed the truck to the end of the tow rope, and made sure that the tow rope was as short as possible, to have the Jeep close to the back of the truck. This would help when we went through the couple of switchbacks on the way up to the top…or our homestead.

Ready to pull Jeep up steep road

My wife is a petite lady, and it is hard for her to steer a non-running vehicle without any power steering, etc. Besides, when she has to use her whole weight to hold the brake in and making the Jeep not roll backwards in the first switchback…yep she was a bit terrified…

Towing Jeep Behind Our Truck

But, it went totally fine, and the Jeep is now parked in an area right by our trailer.

Our Jeep Wrangler YJ Safely Parked

All this just makes you try to prepare better next time, and also not push off things for “tomorrow” that you can do “today”… Some times life is just way too busy on our homestead. I sure am so blessed to have a beloved wifie that I can share all the adventures with, and that is such a good “helping hand”. 🙂

If you want to see the video that we took of this, you can watch it here:

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A Senior Software Engineer - a software developer for almost 30 years. Supporter of use of sound logic, both in work and life situations. Eager to learn new things, and is not afraid of jumping into an excavator for the first time starting the work of making a three miles steep mountain road. Loves nature, and has his favorite times (when not with his wonderful wifie) in the shade during the summer listening to our Creator's nature-musicians - the song birds.


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