Wells Lamont Leather Gloves from Costco – My Favorite Gloves (Or Is It)

During the last almost ten years, I have worn out a LOT of gloves. My favorite, and most economical, gloves have always been the three-pack with Wells Lamont Leather Gloves from Costco. Lately, I have found that they seem to have some issues with the making of them…making me possibly having to to reconsider finding myself some other gloves to claim as my favorite gloves.


A lot of pairs

As I mentioned, I have worn out a  LOT of gloves…until they have way to much “air condition” in them. The gloves that have always been my favorite is the Wells Lamont Leather Gloves from Costco. They have been awesome gloves, and I have normally gone through 3-4 packs of them during a year. Yep, we work hard on our homestead.

Costco Wells Lamont Genuine Leather Gloves

So, what’s the issue?

Well, the last year or so I have had several issues with them:

  • The gloves are uneven in sizes. Of the three pairs in the three-pack package, there can be two pairs of “normal” Large, while the third one is just messed up when it comes to size. Not only that, but even within one pair…one can be “normal” sized Large like I am used to, while the other barely fit on my hand.
  • I have, on multiple pairs, found that the seams are just messed up. In the image above you can see that the inner seam for my right-hand pinky is going on top of my finger. Maybe not a biggie…? I will just let you know that if you grab on to something, and you have to clasp your hand around it really hard…it will hurt…

Is it still my favorite glove?

Ummm…I think I will have to say “Yes”. When you consider the good price at Costco for a three-pack of genuine leather gloves…nothing can beat that. Even if I have a bad pair, I still have two other pairs. Normally you will have to pay almost the price you pay for a three-pack for one pair of leather gloves elsewhere.

Now…if you buy something cheap…would you be increasing the possibility for some inaccuracies…? I would probably say yes, although most of the things purchased at Costco is good quality stuff. The problem is that they used to make them awesome every time. My hope is that they could go back to doing that again…

So, is the Wells Lamont Leather Gloves from Costco still my favorite glove? Yes it is, and I will still continue to purchase these three-packs of gloves…to wear them out lifting rocks, digging in the dirt, etc, etc.

One question I still have with these glove is: Are women not supposed to work hard with gloves on their hands? I guess I have a hard-working wife that is not very preoccupied worrying about her manicure, but she strongly prefers to wear gloves. Her problem is that you can usually only find “garden gloves” for women…not gloves for a “real man’s work”. Although my wife is a feminine woman, she many times work like a “real man”. I wish makers of gloves could understand this, so you could see more good quality leather gloves in size Small.

If you are interested, you can watch a video about this on our Youtube channel:

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