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In this post we are going to speak a little bit about how you can go about finding your own “Eden”. We will look at some of the things you need to consider, as well as speak about your personality. We will discuss some of the practical things involved when/before you find your personal “Eden”.


There are many types of personalities in this world, but usually we can put people in two categories:

  • Dreamers: These are the people that dream about the things they want  in life, and use words like “maybe”, “someday”, “later”, etc.
  • Doers: These are the people that put their dreams into actions. Actions necessary to fulfill their dreams.

I agree, it might be a little bit simplified, but when it comes down to it…it is basically the truth. Even if you have a dream, and have no money to get to your dream, there are usually some practical action points that you can work on to get to where you want.

If you really have a dream to maybe live out in the “middle-of-nowhere”, being “off-grid”, or just plainly live in agreement with the nature, here are some of the things you might want to think about.

What are you seeking?

You have a dream inside your head. You see pictures when you close your eyes. You speak with your spouse about what the two of you would like to do. But, unless you formalize your dream thoughts into something hand fast, like finding some similar pictures on the Internet, etc., it will still just be in your dreams.

What I suggest you do is to find some pictures of properties, or landscape that look close to what you are imagining in your head, and print them out. Maybe you can put them all in a Word Document? If you do not have Microsoft Word, maybe you could check out Google Drive? I use this all the time for my thoughts and ideas.

The whole point with this exercise is to put your dream into something you can look at over and over again, and even show to others – and say: “This is my dream”.

Why are you wanting to change?

I think it is important to ask yourself what you are really seeking, and why. In your dream, are you seeking to get away from it all…from the stressful 9-5 job? Are you tired of all the people around you in the city? Tired of pollution, and noise? Have you had a bad relationship, and just what to start over again? Do you want to get away from the coast of Florida due to all the hurricanes?

If you think through what really is the reason for your change, you might come up with ideas to solve your “problems” where you are at in life. But, if you have decided to fulfill your dream, put down some notes on WHY? It will help you to shape a list of things that you soon can put into action points.

Where do you want to go?

Another thing you should ask yourself, is WHERE you want to go. Often this has a bit to do with both WHAT you are thinking in your dream, as well as some of the practical things described below.

I would suggest you start looking for places on the Internet that have the qualities that you seek. I will give you some ideas of where to look later in this article.

If you are sick and tired of what is going on where you live, maybe in your country, where would you want to go..?

When are you going?

This is a difficult thing to decide. But, if you have gone through some of the processes described above, you might at least start getting some ideas.


Practical things

Let us say that you have decided, what, why, and where. You are now closing in on a place that you would like to purchase. Here are some practical things you have to consider:

  • Price: Many times you can see your perfect place for sale on the Internet, in a magazine, in the newspaper, etc. But, do you have the means to pay $2,000,000 for your perfect EXISTING place? Usually, people do not have this kind of money, so your “Eden” have to evolve over time. Most times the prices will dictate where you can purchase a property. How will you be able to finance your new “Eden”?
  • Distance from civilization: You need to ask yourself if it matters to you if the property you are looking at is far away from the nearest civilization. Are you planning to go to the store, or WalMart every week? Just because you have found your “perfect” piece of land, it does not mean that it is a practical place to live in the end… Are you planning on living on your land, and still work in the “city”? Are you going to commute to and from work? Are you able to telecommute? If you are planning on i.e. making or growing things to live off of, are you close enough to your “market”?
  • Road access: Obviously, it is pretty important to check if the piece of land you are looking into buying has a proper road access. Is there an existing road leading up to your property? If it is, does the right to use the road come with the property you are buying? Is it a road maintained by the county? Who will maintain the road? If there is NO road access to the property today, is it possible to get a road put in? Don’t trust the Realtor. He just wants the sale. Check it out yourself. Also, if there is no road access, but you are allowed to put a road in: Who will make the road? You? I made a 1.5 miles road in the mountains myself with an excavator, but not everyone could do that themselves. Having a road cut for you, depending on the landscape on your property, might be very expensive.
  • Water rights: Ok, when you are working hard on your property, you will most likely be a bit thirsty once-in-a-while. Do you have water on your property? Do you have a pond, a spring, artesian spring, a well, or is the property connected to the city water system? If you are not connected to the city water, usually the water rights dictate what you are allowed to do with the water. If you live in i.e. Oregon, or Washington, it might be easier to get water rights  but if the property you are looking at does not have any water rights  are you able to get some? If you are looking at a property a bit “up-hill”, you might have to deal with farmers below that are very picky about who gets the water rights  etc. You should look in the local (for the property) newspapers for water rights for sale. Some times you will find companies selling water rights as well.
  • Sewer: Unless you never eat, you most likely have to use the restroom. On the property you are looking at, is there an existing sewer system? Is there an outhouse? Are you planning on using an incinerating toilet (makes your poop into a poof)? Often, there are strict rules when it comes to sewer. You need to check out what the requirements for the area are, if there is a non-existing sewer solution.
  • Power: Some people like candles, a wood cook stove, etc. But, if you are planning on having some power for you fridge, freezer, radio, TV, etc…how will you get power for them? Depending on if your prospect property is connected to the power grid already, or not: Are you going to use solar panels? Wind power? Do you have a creek on the property that can give you enough “torque” for hydro power? If you need some power for any tools, etc. during your i.e. building process, are you just going to use a generator?
  • Neighbors: If your main reason to get your new “Eden” is to totally get AWAY from people, you might want to check out the neighbors, if there are any. If you have children, are there any other children among the neighbors? Is one of the neighbors a mean and old guy that would hate you living at the property you are looking at? If someone else owns and maintain the road leading up to your property, will they curse you every time they see you driving on the road? Do the neighbors look trustworthy?
  • Schooling: Do you have children in an age where schooling is applicable? Are there any schools around? Are you planning on home-schooling? You would maybe want to raise your children to take over your property one day, so that it becomes their “Eden”. How important is the education and the social aspect for your children?

Alrigthy, I have gone through some of the practical boring things. What about where to get your “Eden”?

Where to buy land?

Throughout the years, I have seen many places that sell or advertise. Here are things that you might check out.


As you can see, there might some times be some practical things standing in the way for you to fulfill your dreams, but if you avoid thinking of them, you will most likely regret later.

I hope this have been helpful for you if you are looking into buying a piece of land to create your own “Eden”.

~ TJ

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