Moving our 33 Foot Trailer up our Narrow Steep Mountain Road

Fall was approaching and along with this, increment weather, where it would be impossible to move our trailer to its new home on our narrow steep mountain road due to the rain that would make the roads like wet and slippery soap to drive on with a truck, let alone pulling a huge trailer behind.

We knew that we could not do it due to the fact that the only truck we had to pull it with was a 2 wheel drive old automatic Ford truck that had issues with trying to brake while in Drive so we hired a guy to come out to move it up the mountain for us.

This was the third time he agreed to come move it. The first 2 times he never showed. We called him, again, and he said he would meet us where the pavement met the dirt road and we would lead him about 5 miles to where the trailer was to haul it 1 mile up our road.

So we rushed down the mountain to wait for him. We waited and waited and waited some more…he never showed up. We knew we were in a huge bind since the rainy season was to begin tomorrow…it was beginning to get dark…we couldn’t reach this guy by phone since he would not pick up.

Moving Our 33 Foot Trailer Up Our Narrow and Steep Mountain Road

Moving Our 33 Foot Trailer Up Our Narrow and Steep Mountain Road

Desperate, we tore back up the mountain. We got our geriatric truck and our excavator. My hubby hooked up the truck to the trailer. I steered the truck while my hubby hooked the truck to the excavator with chains and we began our adventure of hauling the truck and trailer up the mountain, in the dark, with the excavator up roads that are scary enough to drive with a vehicle alone. Many prayers were fervently prayed during this urgent moment in our lives.

When homesteading, there are many tasks that one must do, that are not always the safest or ones that you would want to choose for yourselves, but must be done and must be done NOW, so you do them asking God to have his angels safely carry you through them. This was one of those times…

As we were passing the pond in the ravine, which was in a narrow curve on the road and which below the road was a steep cliff that went off the mountain, my hubby turned the cab of the excavator, that rotates, toward me with the bright spotlight headlights facing me and said, “Honey, one of the tires of the trailer are off the edge of the road hanging above the cliff. I am going to adjust the truck and trailer with the excavator so you are completely back on the road”….What?!!!! “Oh God! Please help me!!!!”

This was one of the scariest times of my life! But God and His angels safely carried me through it. It is as if they were holding and carrying the truck and trailer the entire time. They let my hubby know in the pitch dark night that he needed to look back and see the status of the trailer during this treacherous curve and helped him to get me safely back on the road.

We continued up the mountain with no more safety issues, but as we went through the 3rd and last switchback to our destination at our spring, due to the unusual tight angle of the turn that the excavator put the truck and trailer into, the trailer pushed out the side of the truck bed so that it was bent quite a bit out of position. But that setback did not stop us from being able to nestle our trailer into its new home.

Old Truck Bed with Damaged Right Side

Old Truck Bed with Damaged Right Side

This time, the weatherman was right. The rain started pouring down the very next day. Had we not taken immediate action, we would not have been able to move the trailer for another 10 months. As homesteaders you learn very quickly that if you want something done and done right, you have to do it yourselves. It is essential to survival to learn the skills you need to survive off-grid. You need to learn that things will not always be able to be done in a conventional way and you will have to resort to bush mechanics and hillbilly fixes…you do what you have to do…and believe me, you don’t want to have to rely on only yourselves…it is essential to have the counsel and protection of The Most High in all that you do.

About Julie

A loan officer of 15 years, a gardener of 40 years, raised on a 1200 acre ranch raising 300 head of sheep. Creative and intuitive, she envisions beauty and makes it a reality whether with sewing, cooking, knitting on her knitting machine, in her home or in the garden. She is blessed to live with her best friend as her husband and she has always felt as one with God, nature and with animals and would turn to the mountains for strength and now lives her life, totally content in the Rockies at 8700 elevation.
  • Smoky Dogbert

    Interesting, suspenseful story! I might need to have a small manufactured home moved up a long steep gravel road to my property on the mountain. I heard that the 32 ft trailer I currently live in required a bulldozer to get it up the hill.


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