Why you should not pull a large ATV trailer with your ATV


It was fall, and everything is always so much more hectic during fall…just waiting for the snow…We have several trailers that we use, for different purposes. One of these trailers is our 8′ x’ 14′ ATV trailer. Our ATV trailer had to be moved to the entrance at the bottom of our property so that we could use it to pick up something. But, our switchbacks are pretty tight, so I chose to transport it down with our ATV. Bummer…? Yup.

I am not totally sure how much the trailer itself weighs, but it has two 3500# axles on it (a tandem). I have transported it down the steepest part of our road before, and it went totally fine. Although…you definitely have to be awake while doing this, since your ATV’s rear wheels can start sliding a bit due to the trailer weight. Easy peasy..just throttle the gas a little bit, and you are in control again.

But, if you are in an area where the rain has washed away most of the top soil, the remainder will be a road with a lot of loose gravel and rocks on top. So, you probably already think “I know how this will end”, and you are totally right…outside the road.

When I had come down the steepest part, I thought to myself “I did it”…but I was too self confident. Even when I had very low speed, the ATV tires could just not hold back the trailer weight on the loose gravel/rock area. I could feel the back of the ATV coming forwards while the rear wheels were sliding. And…I suddenly got just one capitol letter word in my head: “JUMP!”. So, I did, although…I was barely able to get off fast enough due to the angle of the ATV. It, of course, unfortunately ended up like this:

Why You Should Not Pull A Large ATV Trailer With Your ATV

Why You Should Not Pull A Large ATV Trailer With Your ATV

I must have done something right that day, since Yah (God) blessed me by having a dead tree put right below the top of the road. The ATV got pinched under the tree, and I sure was glad I was not sitting on the ATV at that time…

So, after walking back to where we lived on our property (almost a mile steep uphill), and carefully telling my wife what had happened (knowing ahead what lesson she would try to teach me 🙂 ), I drove our excavator down to our ATV.

With the excavator I was able to lift the ATV up to the road easily, and then the ATV. It is so awesome to have an excavator. It has so many uses.

Fortunately, there was barely any damage at all to speak about… I was really blessed.

In Norwegian (being a Norwegian) we have a saying: “Hastverk er lastverk”. It basically means: More haste, less speed (Haste makes waste).

So, the lesson learned is that the shortcut is not always the shortest…

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A Senior Software Engineer - a software developer for almost 30 years. Supporter of use of sound logic, both in work and life situations. Eager to learn new things, and is not afraid of jumping into an excavator for the first time starting the work of making a three miles steep mountain road. Loves nature, and has his favorite times (when not with his wonderful wifie) in the shade during the summer listening to our Creator's nature-musicians - the song birds.


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