The Snowmobile Adventure


It all began when we decided to take the snow mobile down to the parking lot so we could drive our car up north to the Cities where I could do my shopping while my hubby was at work. When we go up north, we usually leave around 4 a.m. and get home well after dark.

Well, this particular day, when we came back to the parking lot at 11 p.m., we got into our snow gear, loaded everything, all the day’s purchases, which was three 18 gallon tubs with lids (heavy by the way) and our duffle bags, onto the sled behind our snowmobile and secured it with a tarp. That day I had purchased 4 herb plants, too, that I would need to carry by hand in a bag as I sat behind my hubby on the snowmobile.

So off we went in the pitch black night towards our home 7 miles up the snowy mountain roads when all of the sudden our snowmobile over heated. “No biggy”, we thought. There was not any fresh snow on the roads so our snow mobile overheated…So we shut off the snow mobile and we waited awhile for it to cool off. Then we started off, again. Again, the engine sputtered and then this time it shut off…Hmmm…Oh no,

now we were in the middle of cougar country where the trappers have been tracking the cougars…Not so good…We waited for the snow mobile to cool down. My hubby even put some snow in the water tank…then started up the snow mobile…the engine when throttled would make a huge roaring sound like it does when it is going to take off, but the snow mobile was locked in place…it would not budge…no matter what my hubby tried…it was all to no avail.

So my hubby strapped a tie down to the sled and then around his waist and I carried my plants and off we headed the 4 mile journey up the snowy mountain road…Having been stranded before many a time, this was not new to us…so we were prepared with headlights, speaking as we walked, to hopefully ward off any cougars in the area…we didn’t have to worry about the black bears, since they should be still hibernating.

After about 1/8 of a mile tugging that heavy sled up hill, my hubby realized that this was not going to work. So we grabbed the most important things: the plants that would freeze in the 18 degree weather and our money. All of the groceries, including produce in the tubs) and other purchases would have to stay put. There is no way that we would be able to haul those heavy necessities…Fortunately, most of the produce was cold hardy such as lettuce, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, etc.

My hubby could have gone up the mountain a lot quicker without me, since he has such tall, strong, muscular Viking legs, but my short little German/Jewish legs with me being only 5’1” tall and weighing 110 lbs, just could not move as quickly. So I walked as fast as I could, but my hubby had to slow down for me. I really got a workout and was sweating like crazy, but my hubby didn’t even break a sweat. Now, usually, when we walk on level surfaces, I can speed walk way faster than he, but not going uphill with snow boots that are 3 sizes too big for me so that I can wear 3 layers of wool socks and also not with heavy snow pants and coat. They really weigh me down…so instead of cruzing up the hill, I was panting…Whew!

As we journeyed on, we walked through the ice-cold creek that runs across the road that has an underwater cement pad that the water runs over…fortunately, our boots were water proof, so no wet feet on this trip…We were blessed, also, that it wasn’t June, where the water is about 2 to 3 feet deep whipping the spring snow runoff through that creek…It was a measly 5 to 6 inches of gently flowing stream…

When we got to our gate, which was 2 miles up the mountain, we dropped off the items we were carrying inside the gate shed that has electricity…And since there are 3 freezers and 1 fridge running in there, it would keep my delicate herb plants from freezing…it is amazing how much heat those appliances produce.

So now it was time to endure the steepest part of the mountain road journey. The grade of some parts of the road are up to about 18%….For about the next mile, we saw lots of cougar tracks…Cougars, being nocturnal, do all of their best hunting at night…And here we were, walking up the road with no gun…My hubby grabbed each of us a big stick and up the mountain we trudged praying all of the way…

I just kept trying to keep my mind on everything but how sore and tired my legs were getting. I even counted the switchbacks as we passed them…1 of 6, 2 of 6, 3 of 6….For some reason that really seemed to help as we climbed that steep mountain road…As we passed different familiar points, home just seemed that much closer…and gave me energy to move on…

Finally, we passed the last switchback and our home was just 1/8 mile more up the hill…As we reached our front yard, our sweet dog Sadie, Black lab/Border Collie, was there to greet us. Dakota, my Yorkie, was barking in his dog carrier inside the house wanting to see us. It was 35 degrees in the house, so we lit the fire in the wood stove, let Dakota out to go potty and headed back down the mountain on our MV7, military grade 4-wheeler with snow tracks to get all of our things. My hubby had just fixed the 4-wheeler the previous week so it was running, again…That is the way it seems to work with us. God always gives us one snow vehicle that is working at a time…Praise Yah!

So I rode behind my hubby on the MV7 praising God for being able to use this vehicle to get go down the mountain and get all of our belongings before they froze solid. When we reached the snow mobile, my hubby tried to start it a few more times, but wasn’t able to…Truthfully, I was really hoping that it would not start since I would probably have to drive it up the mountain. I was feeling really cold due to sweating on my hike up the mountain, and it felt a lot warmer riding behind my hubby…Well, I was blessed, and it did not start…So we drove up and attached the heavy sled to the 4 wheeler. Then we proceeded to the gate where we got all of our other things and placed the chicken breasts we had brought into the freezer and headed up the mountain, again. It was sooo much better riding that 4-wheeler up to our home, even with the wheels that need to be replaced, due to the fact that they make the tracks on our MV7 slip on the steepest slopes of the road.

It was amazingly wonderful being able to come home to a warm entryway. The fire was crackling in the wood stove, we were able to take off all of our snow clothes and just relax on the couch in front of the fire…I didn’t end up getting to bed until 5:30 a.m. What a day….

About Julie

A loan officer of 15 years, a gardener of 40 years, raised on a 1200 acre ranch raising 300 head of sheep. Creative and intuitive, she envisions beauty and makes it a reality whether with sewing, cooking, knitting on her knitting machine, in her home or in the garden. She is blessed to live with her best friend as her husband and she has always felt as one with God, nature and with animals and would turn to the mountains for strength and now lives her life, totally content in the Rockies at 8700 elevation.


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