Lynx, A Cuddly Predator


A pet is a part of any homestead, farm, or nature living place. Meet Lynx, a new member on our list of family pets. Lynx was found a while ago by someone, and they ended up giving him to us a few weeks ago.

Lynx is the most cuddly male cat I have met. He is a very social cat, and in the evening it can be quiet in the nature on our property, but as soon as I call him…he let’s us know where he is, by “speaking” back to us, and coming slowly towards us. Due to predators, like mountain lions, bears, mountain fishers, raccoons, etc. we like to have him caged up in a nice big cage during the night.

But, Lynx is a predator himself, but he is a cuddly predator. He proved himself as a good mouse hunter the first day we let him walk around free on our property.

BTW – The name Lynx is given him because he kinda reminds me about the predator Lynx.

Welcome to the family, Lynx!


About TJ

A Senior Software Engineer - a software developer for almost 30 years. Supporter of use of sound logic, both in work and life situations. Eager to learn new things, and is not afraid of jumping into an excavator for the first time starting the work of making a three miles steep mountain road. Loves nature, and has his favorite times (when not with his wonderful wifie) in the shade during the summer listening to our Creator's nature-musicians - the song birds.


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