We Have a Bear Issue


The last couple of weeks, we have seen more and more signs of what looked like the work of a bear. We have seen bear scat multiple places, we have seen minor destruction, and we have seen dog and cat food disappear.

The latest was when a bear took one of our unopened one gallon chainsaw bar and chain oil, chewed holes in it, and poured out all the oil. It is really interesting that a bear would be interested in that. It looks like the bears like the Husqvarna brand as well…

A few years earlier, a bear had chewed a hole in the gas line on one of our generators.


About TJ

A Senior Software Engineer - a software developer for almost 30 years. Supporter of use of sound logic, both in work and life situations. Eager to learn new things, and is not afraid of jumping into an excavator for the first time starting the work of making a three miles steep mountain road. Loves nature, and has his favorite times (when not with his wonderful wifie) in the shade during the summer listening to our Creator's nature-musicians - the song birds.


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